Local volunteers providing Sunday and Monday suppers at Mountjoy Untied Church
Project Love TImmins

Who are we ? What is our goal ?

Project Love is a non denominational group of volunteers which saw that people are hungry, discouraged and struggling so they put on a pot of soup and set the table. Soon their friends and co-workers, family members and neighbours joined in to help shop, raise funds, prepare food, make welcome and create a safe, unconditional space. Before long, we needed a bigger table and space. Soon we were “adopted” as an Outreach Program by the congregation of Mountjoy United Church, Timmins. All overhead costs are provided by the church and all manpower is volunteered by a wide group of concerned citizens of Timmins. The project relies on donations of food and funds from the public to provide 200+ supper meals per week. Timmins Charities Gaming Association plays a role in keeping the food bills paid.

Founded in 2016, the goal of Project Love is to provide nourishment in the form of suppers to people who are struggling to keep a roof over their heads. Children who come to supper are offered a school lunch for the following day. The environment in which these meals are served is characterized by unconditional love and encouragement, practical assistance and referrals to community supports. There is always the opportunity for skill building volunteer opportunities and new friendships. Our goals are modest but the investment is major.

Our Committee clears the way and shares the load.

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  • Chairperson – Lynda Geddes
    • Vicechairperson –
  • United Church Liaison – Bonnie Spylo
  • Volunteer Co-ordinator – Riese Stubor
    • Volunteer Co-ordinator Assistant – Jodi Maenck
  • Kitchen Co-ordinator – Lyse PerronKitchen
    • Team Leader(s) – Stephanie Lillie, Wally Gubbles, Claude Maissoneuve
  • Inventory Coordinator -Wayne Landry
    • Inventory Assistant – Renate Landry
  • Guest Services Coordinator – Lois Lysohirka
    • Guest Services Assistant – Gord Spylo , Bonnie Spylo
  • Fund-raising Coordinator – Jennifer Labbe-Collins

Our Founders put down deep roots and modeled unconditional love.

  • Nicole Maisonneuve-Gillard
  • Melanie Chartier